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We can assist you and find any available dataset worldwide and/or to find the best option for a new survey work. Thanks to our network of partners worldwide we can provide you with the best end product and pricing for LiDAR and/or imagery surveys on any platform (helicopters, drones, planes…)

Averti offers a complete turnkey service for the above methods from providing the plane, cameras, sensors and trained manpower. Averti also provides survey and ground control, liaison with security agencies and DGCA and logistics required for the Airborne Mapping projects.


  • Aerial Photo Mapping
  • Aerial LiDAR Mapping
  • Airborne Geophysical Mapping
  • 3D City and Feature Modeling

Engineering Property & Hydrographic Surveys

Averti scope of work generally includes Control Survey, Monumenting, Frame work for Planimetric and height control, using Differential Global Positioning Systems(DGPS), Total Stations and Automatic Levels.

We conduct Property line survey, validation, Topographical and Precision engineering survey and setting out for land development works Field data and sections are plotted, digitized and Digital Terrain Model (DTM) output is supplied to the client together with a survey report

Hydrographic survey work includes Control survey, Sub-bottom profiling, related investigations by using Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS), Eco-sounders and Lead Lining, depending on site conditions

  • Control survey, monumentation for planimetric and height control
  • Rapid updation and large scale surveys using satellite imagery and aerial photographs
  • 3D contouring, terrain modeling and deformation study
  • Property line survey, validation for large infrastructure projects
  • Alignment surveys for utilities
  • High precision engineering survey and setting out
  • Sub bottom profiling and related investigations
  • Route optimisation of navigation channels
  • Ocean engineering, harmonic analysis for tides, current and wave studies
About Averti
About Averti


For global projects, Averti offers a full range of LiDAR data compilation services.

Averti specializes in the entire spectrum of LiDAR data compilation with experienced staff, advanced LiDAR data processing software and workstations.

Averti has the one of largest LiDAR data processing teams in india. Averti was one of the pioneers in starting LiDAR data processing services in India.

The LiDAR data service areas include

  • Digital Terrain Modeling and contour generation
  • 3D city and feature Modeling
  • Asset Management (Power line, Pipeline, Highways)‏
  • Heritage, Tunnel and as-built mapping
  • Geodatabase creation
  • Customized LiDAR tool software development and automation.
About Averti
About Averti

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