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Averti provides turn-key solutions in the field of Highways using Modern Technology, Remote Sensing, extensive Computer Application for Survey, Planning, Design, Construction Supervision of 4/8 lane Highways, Expressways, Urban Roads, Hill Roads and other Road Networks, related Structures, Bridges, Flyovers including turnkey Land Acquisition assistance.


The basic problem of climate change is that we are removing too much carbon from the geosphere (below ground) and putting it into the active biosphere (above ground), where it serves to raise surface temperatures.

From a climate change mitigation perspective, there are two basic ways of dealing with CO2 emissions.

The smartest and cheapest is to not emit them in the first place. We can do that in a million different ways, by reducing our consumption, using current technologies more efficiently, or shifting to low-carbon technologies and practices.

The second is to remove CO2 from the biosphere and put it back into the geosphere, where it won‘t cook the planet. Such “negative emissions” may end up being necessary if we emit more CO2 than our “carbon budget” for no more than 2 degrees Celsius rise in global average temperatures, the target the world agreed on in Paris.

Much of the confusion around DAC arises from the fact that it can play either role — it can either prevent CO2 emissions or draw down CO2. At least for now, Keith’s company, Carbon Engineering, has elected to play in the former space, not the latter.

About Averti
About Averti

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