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At Averti projects that we are involved with at any one time is unique.

Because the realities of our clients differ greatly, because the requirements of final users are always specific and because construction materials and techniques are constantly improving, we need to work with an open mind, adaptability and a relentless search for new but reliable solutions.

Irrespective of the technical complexity of a project we consider it vital to retain a close relationship with our clients and stakeholders enabling us to provide advice and ensure the end product of our design is fully understood and approved.

Health and safety, respect for people and the environment are values never compromised by Averti. Our teams are regularly subject to audits and certification procedures to ensure their capacities in these areas.

Our expertises

  • Design engineering
  • Engineering for builders
  • Quality, cost and deadline control
  • Project management
  • Choise of contractors
  • Acceptance of the works
About Averti
About Averti

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