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Work includes Control Survey, Sub-bottom Profiling, and Related Investigations by using DGPS, Eco Sounders and Lead Lining. Other services include Tidal Observations, Harmonic Analysis, Study of current & wave.


Job consists of study of Upstream and Downstream Bank and Bed conditions, Data Collection regarding High Flood / High Tide levels for calculation of couring depth, catchments area study & discharge to design waterways, capacity survey and sediment analysis. We take up resistivity surveys to assess water table, yield and pumping head.


Averti has significant experience in river and ocean engineering related activities encompassing hydrographic surveys, subsoil investigations, study of river morphology, current, wave and tide analysis, etc.Averti also undertakes capacity and sedimentation surveys for hydraulic model review, study of flow pattern of rivers, details of catchments area, perenniality based on available data, effect of existing hydraulic structures both upstream and downstream within the influence area such as dam, intake structures, regulators, etc

Service Offered Include
  • Study of bathymetry of riverbed and current.
  • Tidal influence due to proximity to coast, extent to tidal influence
  • Study of surge during floods/ cyclonic storms
  • Study of siltation pattern, identification of sites for dumping dredged materials.
  • Study of protective measures to bank, such as revetment, wharf, etc.
  • Study of effect of filling low-lying areas/reclamation (on either side of the river banks)
  • Recommendation regarding finish grade levels (FGL) including generation of data for hydraulic model study
About Averti
About Averti

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