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Averti and its Partners offer Aerial Photo Mapping services in India for all applications and across all terrains and areas from small city areas to large multi-state areas.

Averti also offers a full range of Digital Photogrammetry processing services

Averti performs Photogrammetry services from both Aerial Photographs and Stereo Satellite Images for all the latest Aerial and Satellite Photography sensors.

Service Offered Include
  • Aerial Triangulation for Aerial Photos/Exterior Orientation(EO) for Satellite Imagery
  • Topographic/Planimetric Mapping and Updating
  • DEM/DTM/ Contour Generation
  • Orthophoto generation/ Mosaicing/ Tiling
  • 3D City and Feature Modeling
  • Close Range Photogrammetry
  • Vision Map and IFSAR Photogrammetry
  • GIS Geodatabase Generation
About Averti
About Averti

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