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A well-established and dynamic player in the rail sector

expertise covers the complete range of rail transport including: conventional or high-speed lines, regional and commuter systems, multi-modal hubs, freight rail, stations, platforms, rail and road sites.

Dating from the introduction of France's first high-speed rail links Averti skills in the area of large-scale linear infrastructure have allowed the Group to develop its rail engineering activities.

Averti is able to provide design and supervision of railroad equipment works (track, catenaries, signalling, telecommunications) for new high-speed lines or for conventional operating lines. Our extensive experience within the French domestic market gives us a solid basis from which to export our expertise effectively throughout the world and to meet the expectations of international clients.

Know and exploit the risks and potential of the global rail market – we assist your strategies

Constant developments in the demand markets of the rail industry call for tailored strategies and effective implementation that is state of the art.

About Averti
About Averti

For many years we have successfully supported the business development of our customers and the general internationalization of the rail market. We accompany geographic expansions as well as our customers' development of products and services, identify trends and, above all, help overcome technical barriers to market entry.

We analyze your project opportunities, help minimizing your risks, assist within bid management right up to final submission, and also support your market launch, mobilization and actual operation.

As competitive pressures increase, we help you position the advantages of your services in the best possible way. We optimize your processes, handle contract management and operational controlling and help you keep on top of things with requirement management tools.

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